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3-year Ph.D. position at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne



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Planter’s Punch

The importance of microbial networks for plant health

Under the heading Planter’s Punch we present each month one special aspect of the CEPLAS research programme.
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Latest publications

  • Adlakha N, Pfau T, Ebenhöh O, Yazdani SS (2015) Insight into metabolic pathways of the potential biofuel producer, Paenibacillus polymyxa ICGEB2008. Biotechnology for biofuels 8:159. [Abstract]

  • Chen S, Lory N, Stauber J, Hoecker U (2015) Photoreceptor Specificity in the Light-Induced and COP1-Mediated Rapid Degradation of the Repressor of Photomorphogenesis SPA2 in Arabidopsis. PLoS genetics 11(9):e1005516. [Abstract]

  • Redkar A, Villajuana-Bonequi M, Doehlemann G (2015) Conservation of the Ustilago maydis Effector See1 in related smuts. Plant signaling & behavior:0 [Abstract]


Young Researchers Retreat

Mon, 12 Oct 2015

Location: Bad Honnef

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CEPLAS Friday and General Assembly

Fri, 30 Oct 2015


  • Milena Ouzunova, KWS Saat AG

Time: 2-5 pm

Location: HHU

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CEPLAS Seminar

Tue, 3 Nov 2015


  • Pamela Ronald, UC Davis

We are very happy that Pamela Ronald followed the invitation of our young researchers to visit CEPLAS!

More information on Pamela Ronald
TED talk by Pamela Ronald

Time: 4 pm

Location: HHU

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Fri, 27 Nov 2015


  • James Leebens-Mack, University of Georgia
  • Sanjib Kumar Panda, Assam University

Time: 2-4 pm

Location: Cologne Biocenter

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