Career and Family Support

CEPLAS Equal Opportunity Measures

The proportion of female academics at different career levels shows a severe dropout rate after the Ph.D. phase. Whereas more than 50% of the doctoral degrees are awarded to female scientists, only 20% of the faculty positions are filled with women. The reasons for this are diverse. On one hand there is little encouragement to face the very male dominated and competitive scientific career path due to a lack of female role models. Further, balancing family and career (e.g. having/raising children, lack of child care support) are barriers that women encounter much more frequently than men.
The long-term aim of the CEPLAS Equal Opportunity Programme is to increase the proportion of women in leading positions. Therefore, CEPLAS specifically focuses on promoting the careers of female scientists during the Ph.D., postdoctoral and group leader phases. Additionally, we offer family support to make work more family-friendly for male and female scientists within CEPLAS.

Career Support

  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • CEPLAS Women’s Career Day
  • Courses & Workshops

Family Support

  • Helping Hands & Support for Parents
  • Child Care

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