Career Support

Career Support

Mentoring and Coaching

Female CEPLAS members have access to the Universities’ existing high-standard Mentoring Programmes. The existing programmes will be expanded from CEPLAS funds to establish a cross-mentoring programme that fits the CEPLAS needs. Professional coaching can be provided to female scientists as well.

Women’s Career Day

The CEPLAS Women’s Career Day is an annual event with invited female speakers from different fields in industry and academia who present their work and career. In addition to this seminar, young scientists from CEPLAS spend an afternoon with the guest speakers to discuss career and family matters, the problems young scientists face when trying to balance work and family, and the solutions to these problems.

Courses & Workshops

We provide funding for female researchers to attend gender-related career workshops and courses that are offered by CEPLAS in close cooperation with the participating Universities’ Equal Opportunity Offices. On addition all CEPLAS members can attend seminars and courses of both universities.

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