Family Support

Family Support

Helping Hands & Support for Parents

During pregnancy and maternity/paternity leave CEPLAS members are able to appoint additional scientific and technical personnel to ensure continued operation of their research projects. CEPLAS fellows with young children also obtain personnel support in order to relief them from routine tasks and, therefore, to facilitate balancing family with a research career.
A short overview about the support opportunities for parents is displayed in the figure below. Please contact the Graduate School and Equal Opportunity Office ( for details about the application procedure. Please also contact us if you look for support due to family related medical issues.

Child care during CEPLAS events

With the help of the Family Support Services of the Universities Cologne and Düsseldorf we are able to offer child care during events like CEPLAS Fridays, the CEPLAS Symposium or the Young Researcher Retreat. A child care room will then be set up at the location and qualified child care workers take care of the children. The Equal Opportunity Office will advertise this service prior to each event and provides details about the registration formalities. In case you already know you will need this service during a certain event, please contact

After-hours child care

Parents within CEPLAS (independent if PhD, Postdoc or Jun.-Prof. position) can receive a financial support (up to 600€/year) for after-hours child care, i.e. after regular school/kindergarten opening hours. Due to German tax law, refunding is only possible if the need for after-hours child care has occurred due to unexpected incidents, e.g. additional teaching with short advantage, experimental series which can’t be split into two parts or illness of your babysitter. Please contact the Equal Opportunity Office to get more details.
Furthermore, the Equal Opportunities’ Offices of the Universities and the Family Support /Dual Career Centres provide assistance in finding immediate and flexible solutions in case of shortages or emergency situations and assist you by finding a babysitter.

Parents-child rooms

At the University of Cologne and University of Düsseldorf parents have access to parents-child rooms (Cologne Biocenter and building 26.21 at HHU). Both rooms are equipped with child care needs and computer desks. Please contact the gradschool office ( in Cologne or respectively the central office ( Düsseldorf if you would like to use these rooms. Additionally, CEPLAS members have access to the Universities´ holiday programme for children.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the Equal Opportunity Office if your personal situation is not listed above but you would like to enquire financial support from Gender funds (according to DFG rules).

Brief overview about the CEPLAS Equal Opportunity and Family Support Measures

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